Journals  & Diaries for Sale Now

We have been updating our inventory of  informative journals that have been produced by the Carfury Antiquarians and are for sale.

Journal 1 Spring 2013 £3 Mulfra Mine and East Ding Dong Mine; The Story of James Permewan, owner of East & North Ding Dong Mine; Newmill Post Office ; The Osbornes; Death at Ginger Lane

Journal 2 Autumn 2013 £3 Harry Busteed of Boskednan; Gear Stamps; Cranken: Then and Now ; Grist Mills; Bark Chipping Mill; Tredinnick Slip; Who was Kitty Noy?

Journal 3 2014 £4 Commemorative list of men of Gulval and Madron, who died in conflict WW1 & WW2

Journal 4 2014 £3 Some of the Occupants of Trevaylor Manor 17th - 21st Century including the Veales and the Malones.

Journal 5 2014 £3 The Malones; John Hosken Christopher; WW2 Mosquito Crash; Madron Patrol Auxiliary Unit.

The Lanyon Project Part 1A report on first part of the dig, complete with colour photographs and full explanations and is on sale for £5.

The Lanyon Project Part 2; A report on second part of the dig is on sale for£5.

William Veale Diaries 1782; 1784; 1785; 1786; 1787; 1788; 1789 £21 the set

George John Diary 1793 - 1834 £6

For Information contact Pat & Ken Wood, email woodrail@btinternet,com