Latest News - January 2014

Happy New Year to all and the best of future times to you. Life has been very busy this glorious Winter burning both ends of the candle thanks to power cuts and bad internet signals.
The Tredinnick section of Ding Dong Mine has had another slip, no more than 25 yards from the last. It is in an area we know to be doubtful in its stability as the stope of last year was hinting at workings in this area. This time it is a shaft which has slipped 20ft or so, its diameter being almost the same. Unfortunately there are no prospects of exploration.

Our recent delving into the local history concerns the men and women who have risked all in the service of their country and in many cases paid the ultimate price. We are in the process of putting more details to those remembered on both Gulval and Madron memorials in an attempt to tell their story and we have had talks with the Malone family of Trevayler and the Christophers of Gulval and are very happy to have been able to furnish them with more details of their family members than they had already.

All this work and work done by other contributors will be put on display from 2pm until 5pm on Sunday 2nd February at Lanisley Hall in Gulval. It does not concern just the two world wars but also some miraculous stories from earlier, including a ship, which carried Midshipman Richard Malone on an epic crossing of the Atlantic. Having first run aground off Newfoundland, she then lost her rudder and was rammed by a narwhal, the creature embedding its tusk deep into the hull. Not surprisingly Mr Malone left the service after this voyage and found the church to be his inspiration and his vocation for life. This all happened in the early 1800s, so come along and see their stories.

We shall be displaying very early muster rolls and some of the weapons that the poor farming man may have been expected to face the charge of invading cavalry with....and believe me it would not have been a great prospect survival wise, a bit of rope and a bag of stones!  

Keep an eye on the local press for further details and please, one thing we seek more than anything is your willingness to share stories and images of these men and women who deserve their place in history. Contact details can be found here on the website or contact through Facebook. Stuart Emmett